Handling A Case Of Unfair Dismissal On Health Ground

discrimination at work can occur in different ways. It is an unfair act that unjustifiably harms an employee or a group of employees. The employee may have been removed from the job to save costs. The purpose may be to protect a privileged group or person. Poor health may have been used as an excuse to terminate the services of an employee. Health issues can be used to discriminate against an employee in other ways. Consult an experienced unfair dismissal lawyer immediately if you have been unfairly removed from the job on health ground.

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PHI or Permanent Health Insurance

Many UK businesses offer this benefit to their employees. It protects those employees when they suffer a permanent or long-term illness that limits their ability to work. The permanent health insurance covers a part of the employee's earning. It covers a long period of time when the employee is unable to work because of poor health or an illness. Employers, in some cases, cannot terminate the services of an employee even when the person is unable to perform the jobs or attend the workplace. There are limitations placed on the employers under this law. Employees cannot be deprived of their PHI benefits even in case of a prolonged incapacity.

Understanding This Insurance Coverage

This insurance policy provides benefits to the employee who becomes incapacitated or unable to work because of a long-term illness. The benefit is provided to the employee by the insurance company through the employer. It covers a part of the salary and can be up to 50-70% of this income based on the policy terms and conditions. The benefits continue if the employee is unable to work. It can remain valid until the retirement age of the employee. There are certain situations when an employer can dismiss the employee even when PHI coverage is in force.

Consulting an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer

employment laws can be complicated. It can be difficult for both the employer and employees to understand the provisions of these laws. It is not easy to determine an unfair dismissal. The court may view it in a different way. It becomes necessary for the affected person to seek legal help. Consult a lawyer specialising in this field. An unfair dismissal lawyer can provide right guidance and legal support services to you in these circumstances. Contact the lawyer if you feel you have been removed from your employment unfairly.

Health Issues Covered under This Policy

It includes all health issues that impact a person's ability to work. An employee may be unable to take care of personal expenses even with maximum state benefits. These benefits may be limited to covering the costs of rent, mortgage, home utilities and payments. An income protection insurance policy may not cover critical illnesses. The employee should have a critical illness insurance policy to cover such illnesses.

It can be a devastating experience for an employee to lose job, especially when the dismissal is based on an unfair or unjust ground. The unfair dismissal claim must be filed within the specified time and following the right legal process. The claim case does not straightway go to the court. Initially, there is a conciliation process involving both parties. It is important to seek help of an unfair dismissal lawyer even for this negotiation. You will need a lawyer with good negotiating skills to get you the best deal.